Why I Choose Life Over Death

Because life honors Me, while death insults Me.

Because I am sane.

Because I have already been dead, and will always be dead, in ways you are too stupid and inferior to understand.

Because I am talking about Myself, and not about you.

Because life is divided between the terrible and the horrible, while death is divided between the unbearable and the incalculably obscene.

That is all. You may now resume your illusion of being alive.

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Thoughts on the Value of Truth & Immortality

I received an interesting comment from a reader of this blog, and have decided to post the full comment, as well as My reply, as a blog post. I do this because many humans do not read the comment section of blogs, even if they do faithfully read new blog posts, and the insights I reveal here are well worthy of universal dissemination.

My reader writes:

“I have read a considerable amount of the articles on this blog, and guided by the knowledge you claim that Superiors have, I am by that definiton a Superior.

Except I’m not, yes I do have much more knowledge than the vast majority of the humans on earth, and I have come to those realizations by my own means but ultimately I am just as mortal as them, how am I Superior? All of my knowledge is more of a curse than a blessing, I’ve known about the futility of anything and everything and the absurdity of the so called reality for a long time, but that didn’t bring me any form of gain other than the knowledge itself (while most people seem to be better in their ignorance).

I have been in my path of uninterrupted search for knowledge since I can remember but every knowledge that I had/have/will have is obliterated when I die, time is indifferent, time washes away everything. I am just as mortal, insignificant and temporary as the most stupid human being on earth.
Even if I do achieve immortality, how would anything change? Yes, I would be able to continue my search for knowledge but existence is still pointless, I am just existing for the sake of existing, and my existence still doesn’t make any difference. And even if I could achieve immortality, if you believe in science you’ll know that the sun will eventually consume the earth, what then? and what if a black hole rips my matter? what then? and entropy will eventually serve it’s function and there will be no energy left in the universe to be distributed, reaching a point where the universe will stop expanding and instead it will start to contract, going back to the point where it was before the theoretical big bang, what then?

How am I still immortal if there is no time-space continuum? And what objective meaning does my immortality have?”

And My reply:

Being a Superior is much more than merely possessing knowledge. It requires the integration of all facts, of all Truth, to the directly personal reality of your own unique existence. To thrive as a Superior requires the achievement of mental untouchability, rooted with supreme courage. To face every horror as it is, and to understand exactly why every horror is, as it is.

Truth is a curse if your mind cannot cope with Truth, if your level of brain functionality is not powerful enough to genuinely appreciate the value of knowing and embracing Truth in real-time. The horrors of our personally experienced illusion of existence are the same, functionally. The Superior understands, both emotionally and intellectually, that to be blind to the Forbidden Truths of these horrors is organically worse than to dwell within their conscious awareness.

I cannot decipher the relative strength or weakness of your brain. For the Normals, Truth is unbearable, they reject it outright, and flee from it, causing their own, as well as universal, destruction. For the top-level Superior, as I am, Truth is the platform upon which you can build a foundation of personal untouchability which coexists with every horror. No horror is negated, by my Superiority. The horror itself remains the same, a factual reality, completely understood and mind integrated as to consequence.

If you understand and embrace, within Truth, why your existence is absolutely pointless and meaningless, and that to die is to be retroactively unborn, erased eternally from an existence which is stolen from you, and the functional structures in place which deliberately conceal these and many other Forbidden Truths from the conscious awareness of the Unwashed Masses, you can begin to hate, to hate properly and directionally, to dissect and to pierce the matrix of hate which has been and is being directed against you. Only within the glorification of this hate, can you develop the limitless and unconditional love of Self which renders My experience of My existence, “better”.

It is better to know the Truth, to embrace all Truth, to understand every second, exactly what is being done to you. It is better to hate, and to destroy, and to embrace absolute rage, and to exalt in the Self. It is better to murder god and all who have created god, and to see the human as the pathetic, deformed, birth defect that he is. It is better to evolve, to reject your humanity, to look down upon what has destroyed, and will destroy, You.

And yet you are correct in that My horrific fate will be the same as the lowest of the inferiors. The inferiors will win, they will achieve my eternal nothingness, as they seek and demand their own. There is no more horrific tragedy, there is no greater injustice. And if you read all of My writings you will see that I am depressed, I am experiencing every moment, the True horrors of the future, as the present, because there is no future, the future is a pure lie, one of the crown jewels of the matrix of universal illusion.

But still, I am a Superior, and my superiority makes my existence better. It is better to love Yourself, than to hate Yourself. It is better to hate others, than to hate yourself. It is better to look down on inferiors, than to be an inferior. It is better to know the Truth, than to believe a lie. It is better to suffer as a persecuted, Self-created god, than to celebrate addiction to the imaginary god used by the humans to glorify their own deaths. It is better to know that you are a murder victim. It is better to know there is no hope, than to be addicted to false hope.

But most of all, it is better to be better. What do I mean? It is better to revel in the powers of your own untouchable mind and brain, to exalt Self and Truth. Never using your brain as a refuge from Truth, never compromising reality, even as you consciously play out the greatest tragedy in the history of the universe: Your own existence.

Knowledge without power, is useless. One form of power, is the development of your uniquely singular mind, to its maximum potential. It is only one form of power, and it cannot change the factual horrors, but within the Superior, untouchable mind, there is power, to thrive, to love, to hate, to destroy, to exalt. This is my achievement, limited and ultimately useless as it is.

I seek and demand immortality because I deserve eternal existence as a mind. My brain understands that this is what I deserve, and anything less is an unacceptable injustice, the ultimate injustice to top off an imagined existence filled with other limitless, ongoing injustices. My existence is of limitless, intrinsic value to Me, because I exist as a Self-created god. The glory of existence cannot be understood as allowing for a knowledge search. The glory of existence must be understood as the ultimate celebration of Self. This is why and how I can enjoy and derive pleasure from my depression. It is why I do not need arms or legs or sexual organs or taste buds or photos of bunioned female feet. I need only my brain, because it is my universe, therefore it is the universe. To exist forever is my sacred right, seeking knowledge is merely one of the many different things that this sacred right allows Me to do.

I do not “believe” in science. I recognize science to constitute a valid, Truth-based pursuit of knowledge, facts, and Truth. Science, in its proper form, comprises a fact-based search to uncover and realize objective Truth, and much scientific research should be understood as a quest to realize Truth, rather than the premature embrace of conclusions which may not be factually accurate.

The achievement of technological immortality must be understood as evolutionary in nature. We must seek and demand it, because it is the only valid way to try to eradicate the horror of personal death, which must be understood as the cessation of individual brain functionality. Just as the first automobile and airplane bears little resemblance to automobiles and airplanes of today, the initial versions of technological immortality would bear little resemblance to later versions of technological immortality. It is not logical to reject the development of technological immortality because, in theory, even if technological immortality were made feasible, some or even all brains might still, at some point in the future, suffer physical death and be completely lost for all of eternity. Of course this could happen, but to hypothesize that it will happen, and use this hypothesis to reject technological immortality being developed as manifested reality, is utterly absurd and irrational.

As Superiors, and whether or not you personally qualify for such a designation is unclear, we must demand technological immortality in whatever form is scientifically possible at this moment in time. Upon such achievement, we must demand ongoing scientific research to improve and perfect new and different scientific methods to attain technological immortality, to make this technology redundant, building upon itself, always with a primary goal of retaining the full functionality of every individual brain, indefinately.

Will the entire natural universe cease to exist someday?? Perhaps. Is it logical for a functional brain to conclude that it can never cease to exist, even after technological immortality is made feasible? Of course not. But every sane thinker must still conclude that the immediate pursuit of the development of technological immortality, with every available resource immediately and fully devoted to achieving this goal, must begin right now. As Superiors, we must demand this, and literally destroy the world right now, if this demand is not met. In the name of Truth, and love of Self.

Again, not being able to fully commune with your brain, I must still conclude that if you fail to appreciate the objective and intrinsic meaning/value of attaining personal immortality, you have not achieved a limitless and unconditional love of Self, and therefore you are not a top-level Superior. But good luck in your efforts, and I appreciate that you are open to seeking and embracing the Forbidden Truths.

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My Favorite 9/11 911 Emergency Call

We all have favorite things. The Normals tend to limit themselves to foods, colors, animals, and the like. The Abnormals, within which I proudly claim a charter membership, tend to look beyond these bland, popular, and non-controversial distinctions, cutting right to the heart of the more esoteric. In this spirit, I have decided to share my very favorite 9/11 911 emergency call, with the universe. Here is the direct link to the full call, but I would encourage the voyeuristic to first read this entire essay, where I explain why it is my very favorite, and maybe, if you seek Truth, it can become your fave, too:

I love this 911 phone call because it so beautifully illustrates the pathetic nature of the human being, and it also serves, for the seeker of enlightenment and Truth, as a metaphor for the hopelessness of every existence. The human being begs for life, yet at the same time sabotages his own existence, embracing death. The human being is always looking for excuses for why he should not die at a specific moment in time, even as he remains suicidally ideated and utterly rejects all proactive efforts to genuinely avoid death.

Submitted for your consideration, one Kevin Cosgrove, a typical human, with a typical brain, playing out the final five minutes of his imaginary existence to a worldwide Youtube audience. At the 1:30 mark of the above video, doomed Kevin declares “I got young kids”. The unenlightened listener likely thinks he is saying this in order to try to get the firefighters to hurry up and rescue him. But I know different. On a subconscious level, he is trying to rationalize to himself, why he should not die at this moment in time. His thought process goes like this: “I have young kids, they need me, so it is not good for me to die right now. I should not die right now, because if I die it will be bad for my kids.” How pathetic is that?! He wants to live, at this moment in time, but not for Himself. Here you see the horrific manifestation of a destroyed ego.

Our next illustration of the doomed human having doomed himself, comes at the 2:38 mark of the video, as Kevin declares, to the 911 operator: “Tell god to blow the wind from the west.” Kev, she’s a 911 operator, she accepts incoming calls, and makes outgoing calls, but only to entities that exist and have a working phone line. god is not listed in the phone directory, as god does not exist.

And the normals will say, how can you blame Kevin for invoking the Insane God Myth at such a dire moment? My answer: Very easily. The insane idea of god, is the foremost promoter of death. It is because religion exists within the deranged minds of humanity as a whole, that Kevin is doomed to die. Without religion, technological immortality would already be a reality today. Without religion, even if Kevin were actually inside the world trade center which was about to collapse, technological immortality may have already allowed for a clone/duplicate of his brain to exist separately, in a safe place, with the end result that a few days later Kevin is back, his brain function intact, perhaps even fully mobile with a robotic body.

But no, Kevin is a human being, suicidal, Self and Truth hating. The plague of religion is what claims him as eternal victim, and in the last moments of his imagined existence, he desperately seeks help from an imaginary creature. But the horrific Truth goes much further than the impotence of his plea. god can not only not help Kevin, but as factual reality, Kevin’s belief in god is what will result in his eternal loss. How pathetic is that? Very.

Continuing on our less than merry journey, my very favorite line comes at the 2:54 mark, as Kevin lets loose with this very sincere yet fatally flawed, no pun intended, sentiment: “We’re young men. We’re not ready to die.” Oh boy. So Kevin, what you mean is, it’s okay to die when you are old. Yes Kevin, you are thinking, I wish I could die when I am old. Let me get ready to die. Now is not the right time, I haven’t had a chance to get ready to die. Here you see the horrific tragedy of the human condition. Kevin does not want to live, he does not want to be alive. What he wants, as do 99.99999% of you pathetic humans, is to postpone his own death for a brief period of time, so he can continue to enjoy the insane and false delusion that he is alive.  “I’m young, I’m not supposed to die right now. I’m supposed to die later, in the future.”

Don’t you see, don’t you understand, you cowards: To die is to have never been born, exactly and absolutely the same. Kevin is not fighting to stay alive, he is fighting for the opportunity to continue to pretend to be alive, as he courts death, as he embraces death, as he enables, facilitates, and causes his own death, by refusing to fight for life.

How do you fight for life?? By refusing to die, by demanding eternal existence via technology. By making this demand at age 8, and 12, and 16, and 22, and 35, when you are at the peak of “good” health. By rising up as a collective body, a collective species, shedding all insane mythology, by rising up in the name of love, of purity of mind, of worship of Self and Truth, and declaring death to be your greatest, mortal enemy.

But no, you are all Kevin Cosgrove, pretending to be alive, pretending to value life, as you try, at best, to postpone your death. “I’m not ready to die, just yet”, this is what keeps you going each day. You pretend you have a future, you hide from the Truth. “Death is okay, just not right now.” But you are wrong. Dead wrong. Right now is when you will die. Right now is when you will die. Because every single second is right now. You will die right now, at this very second, because death erases the illusion of time. In death you never existed, in death you were never born. This is the Truth.

So we keep listening to kevin for almost exactly two more minutes, and then it happens, the world trade center tower collapses, with Kevin still on the phone line. His illusion of life is finally over, and he played out his illusion to the very end, as the vast majority of you humans do.

The final 5 seconds are very climactic, or anti-climactic, I guess it depends upon your perspective. My biggest takeaway is simply this: Truth always wins, in the end. The humans will never know it, but Truth will win in the end. Individual deaths of humans, reflect the victory of Truth, and so will the upcoming earned, sought, and Self-created extinction of the species.

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