The Definition and the Determination of Value: A Forbidden Truth Dissection

What is value? How must it be defined within the parameters of Truth? How must it be judged and determined? I have addressed this issue as part of other brilliant essays, but not to the depth or degree that the issue warrants. This topic deserves to have an entire essay devoted to it, and so it shall be.

Value /ˈvalyo͞o/: 1: An objective and emotionally dispassionate internal judgment of the personal importance or beneficial nature of a specific object, artifact, service, idea, or experience, based upon legitimate need.

I am only providing this singular definition, because there is no need to go further. To go further will only muddy the water, sowing confusion and lack of understanding. This is the definition that must be completely understood and accepted, by anyone who wishes to break free of the immense definitional brainwashing attached to this word, by all 21st century societies and governments.

Absorb these Truths, and you might come to understand.

First lie of society and government: The determination of value must and will always be subjective. No! The opposite is True. All determination of value must always be consciously objective. Yes, there can and will be variability from individual to individual, in determining within his own Self-universe what is of value to him, and the degree this value attains. But variability and subjectivity are completely different.

To judge the value of something subjectively, is to allow personal bias and prejudice and emotional desire, as well as external influences such as popularity, rarity, and commercial promotion, to invalidly distort the personal perception of the value of a thing or a service. This distorted value perception directly translates to distorted value judgment, which destroys all individual capacity to apply fair, accurate, and Truth-based valuation to objects and services.

Objective value judgment, carried out within the framework of analytical and intellectual consciousness, compromises and sabotages the capacity of society and government to distort and manipulate valuation.

Second lie of society and government: The value of objects and services can and should be externally determined, via “markets”, and I am not referring here to the stock, bond, futures, or other “gambling” markets, but rather, to the so-called “fair market rate”, “fair market value”, by which goods and services derive standard and usual monetary pricing.

A house can cost $200,000.00, but a banana cannot. A banana can cost .69 cents, but a house cannot. But why? It is because of the perverse and invalid external construct of “market value”. Market value is established via the deliberately malicious manipulation and distortion of value, carried out by governments and corporations deploying money, an inherently worthless and artificial construct of government.

“The market” represents not fair value, but the distortion and the manipulation of fair value. Why? Specifically because it is externally controlled and determined, via the use of money, a valueless construct. Within Truth, legitimacy, and sanity, all value, of everything, must be internally determined, Self-determined, based solely upon objective analysis of need, which will vary greatly from one moment in time to the next.

If you have not eaten anything for three days and are starving and unable to obtain anything to eat, the fair valuation of a banana to you, is much greater than .69 cents. If you already and currently possess a house where you can go to anytime you need to obtain shelter from the elements and personal privacy and storage for your belongings, the fair valuation of a house to you, is much less than $200,000.00.

So here you see why all external valuation is foundationally and fundamentally wrong, and should never be allowed to occur.

Value can only be legitimately determined via internal, personal need, with such need allowing for “fair market” exchanges of goods and services, based upon, and solely upon, such internal need.

The third lie of society and government: Money, monetary currency, specifically the pricing of goods and services via monetary currency, can and is being used as a legitimate way to determine value. No! Of course not! Money is inherently, intrinsically, functionally useless and worthless. It is a universal human slave shackle. It is the conduit by which humanity moved from the universal slavery of the whip and the chain, the honest ownership and commercial trafficking of human beings characterized by the roman empire and the kidnapping of africans by the european invaders of north amerikkka, to the cloaked and dishonest universal slavery of classism and capitalism.

Money can never be used to legitimately set or determine value, because it is valueless.

Money can be used to distort all legitimate value, to artificialize all valuation, thereby making it impossible for goods and services to be properly exchanged. Money can be used to compel body and mind slavery from all of humanity, by positioning it as the only conduit to personal survival and commercial exchanges of value. And this is exactly what money is being used to do, by every society and every government on planet earth, here in the 21st century.

The complete and absolute eradication and elimination of all monetary currency, is the only way to break the genocidal chokehold and death grip held, literally and figuratively, upon each and every human being on earth, by the malicious construct that is government.

The fourth lie of society and government: Want, as well as need, are both legitimate and primary forces that an individual should utilize to determine the value of goods and services. No! Want and need are fundamentally different.

Need, only need, and not want, is the only legitimate determiner of value. Personal need, internally analyzed and judged, absent all external distortional forces. Want is a psychological state of mind that lacks all stability and cannot be grounded within the analytical standards that must be deployed, in order to accurately determine value on a personal, individual basis.

I am not suggesting nothing should ever be wanted. Want is a perfectly legitimate human mindset that can exist harmoniously within a sane and Superior mind. What I am declaring, very emphatically and absolutely, is that want must not, must never, be used by the individual specifically to determine the value of any good or service.

Inferiors will say, “Well, what is the real difference between want and need? If I want something, don’t I need it?? I feel like I need it, because I want it..” Idiots! Repair your broken brains, that is a very real need, something you don’t want, but really need, to do.

The fifth lie of society and government: Corporations possess intrinsic and inherent value, both in the present moment and going forward into the future, that can and should be realized via external investment of monetary assets via stock, bond, futures, and other equities/securities exchanges, as well as private venture capital investment. No!

We have already established that money itself must be completely eradicated from existence, in order for the valuation of goods and services to be legitimately determined. But still, the issue of corporate valuation and equity trading must be addressed. A “corporation” is nothing more than a group of humans banding together to leverage their mental or/or physical skills, and their numbers, for the purpose of creating goods or services more efficiently and rapidly than any singular individual might be able to do.

The corporation itself has no intrinsic value! All existing value comes from the individual contributions of each member of the corporation. To apply valuation to the corporation is to negate the value of each individual, and even more primarily, to create an artificial power base by which the corporation can leverage itself to the detriment of other individuals and the competitive process.

All currency-based stock, bond, futures, equities, securities markets are ponzi schemes. Along with the eradication of money, all such markets must be declared fraudulent and criminal enterprises.

Yes, corporations can, should, and will continue to exist, under a Universal Barter and Trade economic system. But their value can and will only be derived from the actual goods and services they create, not from any passive investment of something worthless like money, and not from any artificial, speculative projections of what the corporation might create in the future.

And yes, individuals would still be able to “invest” in corporations. How? By directly contributing goods, services, intellectual capital, to the corporation, as personal exchange for goods and services either directly created by the corporation, or obtained by the corporation via exchanges with other individuals or corporations. But all currency-based valuation and pricing, all use of money as a way to try to extract more money via “equity trading”, must end.

The sixth lie of society and government: Scarcity of a specific object or service is a valid criteria for applying valuation to the object or service. No! This perverse pathology of reason must end! Gold is not valuable because its supply might be limited. An original Pablo Picasso painting is not valuable because it is unique. A Full Force Frank, Singin’ Dose Anti-Psychotic Blues zine is not valuable because I only created 200 of them back in 1989 and so they are very rare.

Rarity, scarcity, or uniqueness of any object, substance, or service, must never be allowed to serve as criteria in determining value. To do so is an open invitation to distortion, and the application of illegitimate valuation based upon want, as well as malicious external manipulation of value.

The seventh lie of society and government: Popularity of a specific good or service, may or should warrant the application of higher valuation to that good or service. No! The popularity or the pervasiveness of any specific good or service should never be allowed to play any role in the valuation of that good or service.

Because, as I have already made clear, all valuation must be internally determined, based upon need. It IS completely possible that a popular good or service may be very valuable to you, because it meets a specific need you have, better than other goods or services. But the actual fact of it’s popularity cannot be a legitimate factor in judging its value.

The eighth lie of society and government: The complexity, time, manpower, and/or economic resources required to create a specific object or provide a specific service, warrant the application of a specific minimal valuation, and/or a specifically premium valuation, for that object or service. No! Just because something is very difficult and time-consuming to make, grants it absolutely no intrinsic value.

Those who choose to manufacture such objects, should not enjoy the free pass of premium valuation. Perhaps such objects should simply not exist, if they are not legitimately needed via internal and unbiased determination?

Should the Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta car, monetarily priced at $2.2 million usd, exist? It is a vehicle providing road transportation from one location to another, and such vehicles can be obtained used, for less than $1,000.00 usd.

The Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta takes longer to create than the Toyota Corolla, and it has specific functional details that the Toyota Corolla lacks, but it serves the exact same function: Transport of a small number of human beings from one location to another, via a ground-based motor, able to function only upon asphalt/concrete roadways.

If the value of objects and services were judged within rationality and Truth, as I have outlined in this essay, would the Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta have come to exist? Is it possible to justify a monetary valuation of $2.2 million, versus a monetary valuation of $1,000.00, for two objects that provide the exact same service, that function identically? I would argue that only because of the perverse distortional force of money, combined with the insanity of humanity, can such an object come into existence.

The ninth lie of society and government: The more objects and services that exist within the human universe of perceived choice, the better. No! No, no, no, no. no! Here we come to the perverse human worship of maximized “productivity”, being a vital and sacred barometer of economic health. Idiots! The opposite is True. The more economically productive a society is, the more enslaved and oppressed every single human within the society, is guaranteed to be.

Economic productivity should be minimized, not maximized. Nobody needs 500 different car models to choose from. What is needed is a car, one car, at most, to facilitate personal movement. Does this mean, under my Universal Barter and Trade Economic System, that there would only be one car model, made by one company?? No, of course not! There might well be more manufacturers than there are now, but making far fewer cars in number, as the corporate monopoly is destroyed.

But almost certainly there would be less “luxury” models than there are today, because government would no longer be able to deploy the external, distortional force of money to manipulate valuation.

Productivity would be minimized, even as all individual human needs must and would always be met, because the illegitimate construct of want, rather than need, would no longer be allowed to play any significant role in determining how individuals value objects or services.

Okay, I’m about done here. But…I think I hear something…It sounds like an explosion…


Yes, another Mind Bomb, successfully detonated by your Seer. 🙂

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Universal Barter & Trade Economic System

In My last blog post I revealed money to be a terror weapon used by government to universally enslave every human being on this planet, as well as 100% inherently and intrinsically worthless. This Forbidden Truth must be fully understood, embraced, and integrated to consciousness of mind. Once this is achieved, we can move on to the clear and obvious solution to the problem: All money, and everything used by humans as a monetary substitute, such as precious metal and “virtual currency” such as bitcoins, must be officially decreed worthless by every government, and eliminated from the human experience of life.

Inferiors will immediately pounce upon this solution: “We can’t do that, it’s impossible to achieve. Money is woven into the fabric of our existence, we can’t get rid of it, we must change how it is used, who controls it, how it is distributed, etc…” You all are idiots. You created the horror of government, and you choose to remain addicted to what is destroying you. You have a problem, and I offer you the only valid solution, and you respond in the only way that terror victims trapped within a matrix of illusion can respond: Clinging to the matrix as your salvation, as you reject the clear, obvious, simple, and only solution.

Is eradicating all monetary currency from the face of this planet “simple”? In terms of achieving the feat, yes. In terms of finding the personal courage and motivation, as a species, to make this choice, no. The point is, it is the only valid solution to one of the greatest problems on earth, a horror which has consistently destroyed all human potential for thousands of years, as it imposes lifelong slavery upon each of us.

If government is unwilling to abandon the slave structure of money, and it most certainly is, then government must be fully eradicated. Regardless, government must be fully eradicated, as it is the official sponsor of all human injustice, but that is a subject for a future blog post.

Let us, for now, remain focused on the terror weapon of money. You choose to allow money to exist, you choose to use money, to be enslaved by government via the shackle that is money. You choose to do things to obtain money, you choose to give money to others in exchange for things you want or need. These are choices you make, individually and as a collective species, and these choices are functionally insane.

If money has no value, yet you agree to sacrifice your very existence in the pathological pursuit of obtaining money, you are decreeing Yourself worthless. It makes no difference if you are “retired”, or born with so much money that you are not very focused on obtaining more of it, you are still choosing to enslave yourself to something worthless, by using it. You are owned by money, because owning money is impossible, as all money exists as artificial construct and external slave shackle.

So, the monetary system upon which human existence has been based for thousands of years must be declared null, void, a failed social experiment, and functionally impossible to justify. It must be completely eradicated, by every society, culture, and government on earth. This must occur as simultaneous, global reform. It cannot occur piecemeal, within isolated pockets of human society. Any such effort will fail. It must be a global awakening, an enlightenment of mind which crosses every cultural barrier and difference, at the same time.

Again, you inferiors will say this is impossible. No! Forbidden Truth is universally valid, it transcends all cultural distinctions. If the embrace of Forbidden Truth on a global level, simultaneous to enlightenment of mind, is impossible, then humanity is hopelessly doomed. And it IS. But again, this is a topic for a future blog post.

So, we continue on our hopelessly optimistic journey, and the horrific shackle of monetary enslavement is broken via the elimination of all money and all monetary systems, across all of planet earth. The problem has been eradicated, but a new problem is created via this eradication: How do humans now obtain what they need and want? The shallow-minded might say, “It’s okay, everybody can just collectively share what they have with each other.” But no, this is not a valid solution to the problem. A structure must be implemented to replace the slave shackle of money, and this is the same structure that would already exist right now, if governments had not invented and deployed the terrorist weapon of money against you blind fools.

This structure is a Universal Barter and Trade Economic System. The universal Barter and Trade economic system is a decentralized, currency-less form of commerce, within which every individual in the entire world is free and able to choose for himself what he wants, what he needs, and what value any specific good or service possesses. All value must be Self-determined. The idea that any product or service possesses any intrinsic or specific value, is absurd, insane, and must be abandoned.

Why does a spaceship cost $100,000,000 dollars? Why does a car cost $20,000? Why does a banana cost $69 cents? None of these valuations have any legitimacy. Only the existence of money, an artificial substance of no value, allows such arbitrary valuations to be applied. There is NO sane reason why a banana cannot be more valuable than a car, and the “cost” of manufacture is simply another deception inherent within the monetary system.

If you are very hungry, a banana must be recognized and treated as being more valuable than a car. If you need a car in order to do things you personally desire to do, a car must be recognized as more valuable than a banana. The universal Barter and Trade economy eliminates all artificial valuation, empowering every individual to chart out a life path based upon what he chooses to want and need, and to base his daily life activities within the freedom of personal choice, absent all external imposition of economic slavery.

To be clear, “labor” would still occur. “Productivity” would still occur. Things would still be manufactured, every good and service that exists today, would continue to exist. The only thing that would change, is the personal right and freedom of every individual to determine the value of every good and service for and by himself, would become real, instead of the absurd sham it is under a monetary system.

Under the Barter and Trade economic system, exploitation would still occur. Human beings would still take advantage of each other, sadistically harm each other. The only way to end this is to eradicate the governmental and societal structure of universal child abuse, but once again, this topic is for a future blog post. Or you can skip ahead and read My brilliant, 100,000+ word essays, at My online Manifesto of Forbidden Truth. The universal Barter and Trade economic system solves the very specific problem of money, it does not, in and of itself, address the many other human pathologies which plague this genetically and environmentally destroyed species.

A few practical outlines of how the Universal Barter and Trade Economy would work:

  • Every individual on earth becomes free to choose exactly what he wants to do, when he wants to do it, and for whom he wishes to do it, based upon his specific needs and desires at each moment in time, during his entire existence.
  • Every individual is empowered to set a valuation on his own economic activities, and to reject any such valuation that any other individual or company may attempt to impose upon him.
  • Every individual is empowered to decide how much time he will spend meeting his own economic needs.
  • The capacity of any government to impact personal productivity is rendered null and void.

Under a universal Barter and Trade economy, all invalid class distinctions become void. The value of the plumber to the doctor, and of the doctor to the plumber, becomes a variable flux, uniquely determined by every plumber and every doctor based upon their unique life situation, as it dynamically evolves. If a doctor has a broken toilet, and needs it fixed, he cannot use the artificial construct of money to devalue the service of the plumber. The doctor must decide what service or good he is willing to provide to the plumber, in order to get his toilet fixed, and the plumber must personally agree, on a uniquely individual basis, to the offered valuation.

For fixing the toilet, one plumber might receive a free physical exam, another plumber might receive 10 years of free physical exams, another plumber might receive 10 bananas, another plumber might receive open heart surgery. Every imaginable good or service may be exchanged, at every imaginable valuation, based upon every unique circumstance of perceived need and uniquely judged personal value. This is economic freedom, this is how the human experience of existence should have always been, and would have always been, were it not for the terrorist slave structure of money, as deployed by the terrorist structure that is government.

Inferiors will claim that a universal Barter and Teade economic system will make the exchange of goods and services “harder”. Harder than what, you idiots? Harder than sacrificing your entire existence to serve as a slave to pieces of paper that have no intrinsic value and are used by government to extract maximum slave labor from you?? How can you be so stupid?! The exchange of goods and services will be “harder” for you, on a personal level, only if you are determined to try to economically exploit others. If you are a doctor and offer a plumber one banana in exchange for fixing your toilet, you are attempting to exploit him and you should hsve difficulty finding a plumber to fix your toilet. If you are a doctor and offer medical care to a plumber in exchange for him fixing your toilet, you will have no difficulty in getting your needed service performed.

Another absurd argument against the universal Barter and Trade economic system is that it makes it hard for large companies to staff their needed labor positions. Again, totally false. The company simply needs to offer a barter that is fair and reasonable, and owners of companies must abandon the utterly invalid class distinction that the perverse monetary system has created and currently provides. For example, let us consider a large automobile manufacturer, needing 1000’s of people to work regularly for many years. Such a company would likely have to offer guaranteed luxury housing, unlimited supply of food, free automobiles, and many other bartered goods and services, in order to convince 1000’s of people to sacrifice their precious time and focus on such labor. So what?? Let it be so! The sacrifice of personal time and focus is an extreme sacrifice which deserves very intensive and ongoing reward.

Another lie deployed by those addicted to a monetary-based economic system, is that some individuals simply cannot perform any service, or offer any goods to others, because they are  physically ill, paralyzed, mentally ill, very old, etc…, and that money is necessary in order for them to meet their needs. Absurd! Under the universal Barter and Trade economic system, every existing charity and social service would not only be preserved, but would flourish and grow. The elimination of all class distinction would reveal the universal equality of humans, to their conscious minds, and inspire them to altruism. Not all, of course, but enough humans so that benevolent gifts of goods and services to those in need and unable to reciprocate, would meet the needs of all who are physically or mentally crippled or extremely old.

In Truth, almost everyone can perform a valuable service or provide a valuable good. It is only the deranged monetary system which conceals this Truth. Imagine standing on a streetcorner and offering strangers hugs, or blowing soap bubbles, or simply standing there and smiling at passersby. You could do this and ask for money. But what will you receive? Pennies, nickles, or even a few dollars, but it is the existence of money which creates this limitation. You are told, as a slave, what the artificial, invalid valuation of this “service” is.

But if money did not exist, you would be free to consciously perceive the unique valuation of these, and all other, services. Perhaps today the offer of a hug will be of no value to you. But tomorrow, after you have left your house for the first time since your cat died, this same offer of a hug might be worth a months supply of free food. Today you might find the smile of a human standing on a streetcorner of no value, but tomorrow, when you are feeling suicidal, and she smiles at you, and you feel better, and you are able to smile back, what will their value be to you?

As long as money continues to exist, humanity as a species will remain hopelessly doomed. The universal Barter and Trade economic system, which requires the eradication of all monetary currency, is one of the immediately necessary reforms which would place this species on a sane path towards recognizing and embracing other necessary reforms, and perhaps saving species from the near-term extinction it has earned and will experience.

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