My Labor of Self-love: Feeding The Insatiable Mind

I possess a mind, and it is insatiable. It hungers, as I hunger, for Truth, for love, for perfection, for revenge, for eternity, for the glory of infinitely realized glories of infinite quantities that can never be quantified.

My mind is my beloved partner, we feed each other in tandem, we nourish each other as siamese twins, forever attached, brain to Self universe, umbilical cord custom built by us as a titanium superhighway of nutrient rich ideas and thoughts and dreams and perceptions and explosions and realizations and expansions.

The more we feed each other, the more we grow. Never fat, only big and large and strong and untouchable, a black rainbow dripping red blood in never-ending torrents.

I feed My mind, and My mind feeds Me. We are independent voyagers, traveling the same path, a road of destiny, leading to nowhere, every exit, every off-ramp, brightly flashing to reveal the final destination: “Dead End”.

My mind knows Me, and I know My mind. Together, we feed.

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Depressive Truth Keeps You Properly Grounded

It’s good to always consciously remember: At every singular moment throughout your entire imagined existence, at each moment of real-time, you are bearing witness as a personal and direct victim of the most horrific tragedy that has ever occurred in the entire history of the entire cosmic universe.

Your infinite tragedy as an animated corpse is a flat line, it never really increases or decreases, but your conscious perception of the tragedy does vary, if you are a normal, an inferior, one of the billions of the Unwashed Masses.

For this reason, when, or should I say IF, something “good” should happen to you, as a mind perception, you should properly focus your consciousness even more than usual, upon the depressive Forbidden Truths. Never forget what you are: An animated corpse, pretending to be alive. Never forget: You have not yet given birth to Yourself, and unless you do, you will never have existed.

Forbidden Truth: The antidote to the mind infections of optimism and happiness.


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The Cosmic Joke of April Fools’ Day

So the humans invented a new holiday for themselves a few hundred years ago. They called it April Fools’ Day. The fools decided this would be a day for them to achieve emotional and psychological delight in playing practical jokes on other humans. Deceiving them, lying to them, tricking them, fooling them, on an individual and on a mass scale.

Oh, the irony of it! The bitter, pathetic irony! The doomed species, cosmic murderer of all of reality, of all Truth, consciously set aside a singular day to openly celebrate the deliciousness of deception. Deception was worthy of honor, of tribute, it was something to think about, to plot out, to create new and innovative forms of expression.

They play it for laughs, the fools! How much fun it is, to be fooled. The only thing more fun than being fooled, is fooling others.

But nobody appreciates the cosmic horror of it all. Nobody sees into the mirror. Nobody perceives their own motivations for what they do.

How could they?? They are too busy fooling themselves. Every minute of every day every human pretending to be alive on planet earth in the 21st century is busy, hard at work, fooling himself, fooling others, being fooled, fooling everyone, being fooled by everyone. A nonstop orgy of deception, eternal worship of the totem pole humans have erected and desperately maintain: The Matrix of Universal Illusion.

Every moment of every day is April Fools’ Day, right now, in the 21st century.

When you die, you go to exist in a blissful place called heaven. April Fool!

The future is so bright, I gotta wear shades! April Fool!

To be loved by others is the most wonderful thing. April Fool!

The love and joy of parenthood is the nexus of humanity, hope, and progress. April Fool!

My sexual partner loves me. April Fool!

We educate our children to teach them important things that allow them to lead successful lives. April Fool!

In creating children, we create a better future for ourselves. April Fool!

Having a lot of money makes life better. April Fool!

I am so lucky to live in a modern era of mind enlightenment. April Fool!

Good governments provide and protect freedom. April Fool!

Suffering and sacrifice are an important and necessary part of life. April Fool!

Humility makes me a better person. April Fool!

Hard work is the path to achieving success. April Fool!

How many thousands of different ways have you fools, you pathetic idiots, invented over the centuries, to fool yourselves, to fool others, to be fooled?! Today is April 2nd, 2017, I could have written and posted this essay yesterday, no?? Wouldn’t that have been more appropriate?? No! Today is the perfect day for Me to post this essay of Forbidden Truth. Because April Fools’ Day is not over. It is never over! Every day is April Fools Day in the 21st century, every single day! The day that never ends, the horror that never ends. The horror invented by the human mind, built from scratch into something untouchable, immovable, something that has enveloped and frozen into place, all of human consciousness.

April Fools’ Day only comes to an end when you die, on the day you lose the capacity to continue to fool yourself and to be fooled by everyone else. The day you become retroactively unborn, the day you lose your illusion of being alive. And you never get to know that you have just wasted your eternally singular opportunity to gain an existence. You threw it all away.

Happy April Fools’ Life, you fools!

And why did you do it? Why did humanity invent this holiday? Because within your most deeply buried subconscious reality perception, you know everything you base your existence upon, is a lie. You know it! You know your existence is nothing more than a circular treadmill of internal and external illusion, delusion, deception, and pretense.

You created this singular day of open and conscious deception, celebrating the act of deceiving and being deceived, only on one day, to help you mask and deny, wipe clean from all conscious awareness, the realization of this Forbidden Truth!

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A Few Valuable Insights of Truth on the Mastery of Conscious Dreaming

Humans who try to develop Conscious Dreaming mindpower as a way to escape from the reality and Truths of their existence, are doomed to failure. Any capacities they achieve will be flawed, limited, fuzzy, and uncontrolled.

The Superior masters Conscious Dreaming by first consciously recognizing and embracing all Forbidden Truths of their actual existence, developing absolute and complete control of their conscious universe, and only then seriously setting out to develop complete control and full capacity to experience and recollect, their dreams.

How can the subconscious mind be controlled, which is what Conscious Dreaming requires, if the conscious mind is not already 100% controlled?? Simple common sense. Every project requires a specific order, a sequence. Failure to both recognize and follow the sequence ensures failure, even as many humans celebrate their flawed creation as being valuable and a sign of progress. They build a house on mud, lacking all foundation, then pretend it is not sinking. The human way, mistakes and failure not recognizing for what they are.

Children often experience their dreams more vividly than adults, but all capacity to control and direct is still lacking. Because they have never been empowered by society to possess ANY control over their fate, over their real-life experience of existence. Imagine the powers of the mind children could develop, if they were taught and empowered to develop an untouchable, autonomous mind throughout their childhoods.

My first step towards developing the Mindpower of Conscious Dreaming was to find a way to eliminate My nightmares. Elimination, not creation, was the only perceived option. Only months later did I begin to perceive the option to create and control dream content, and only then did it start to work.

For many years later, dreams were not completely controlled. Only after I completely transcended, not merely rejected but fully transcended My humanity, did I achieve the 100% control and direction I possess now. Only then did I become a True owner of My Self-universe.

Mind control works both ways. For humans, their minds have always been externally controlled and directed, from the moment of their birth, each and every day, in every imaginable way. First you recognize this Truth, then you appreciate the outrage of it, then you reject the right of humanity to do this. Then you have to reverse engineer the entire atrocity, recognizing every deception, delusion, illusion, then you can BEGIN to develop Truth-based mind control within an autonomous Self-universe. And only then can you begin to imagine, no pun intended, mastering the ability to completely direct, control, and recollect all of your sleep dreams.


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You Are Slaves To Your Own Brains

Every human who exists in the 21st century is enslaved in many different ways, by many different individuals & structures. Literally dozens of different shackles weigh you down, crush you, dissolve you. But the single greatest shackle is your own brain. Can you envision anything more pathetic?? The single instrument that could unlock all of your shackles, instead serves as the most unbreakable shackle of them all.

Why is this so? Because your ego is destroyed. Because you allow your brain to dictate the parameters of your perceived universe, instead of standing up and establishing ownership over your brain, forcing your brain to serve You, instead of allowing it to dictate, define, color in, every aspect of your universe.

I often get emails declaring Me a brilliant genius, in response to a posted essay. Then, days or weeks later, that same inferior sends Me another email calling Me an idiot because he perceives a different essay of mine to be incorrect and invalid. Ha!

I burst into laughter at the bitter irony of it all! Have I transformed from a brilliant genius to an idiot, or vice-versa? Am I completely right about that thing, yet completely wrong about this thing?? Of course not. I am a brilliant genius, completely right about everything.

But because you are a pathetic slave to your own brain, even as you openly acknowledge your awe at how right I am about that, your brain slavery shuts down all capacity to perceive how equally right I am about this, because the specific Forbidden Truth(s) being exposed are incompatible with the sum, cumulative total of illusion, delusion, brainwashing, and propaganda that your brain has absorbed and integrated to core consciousness over the course of your existence.

Now, if you were a Superior, if you had rejected and transcended your humanity, if you had established ownership over your brain, you would step outside of your shackle, recognizing and confronting your own delusion and illusion.

You would view your brain as an outsider trying to convince you of something, not as the nerve center, the hard drive, controlling and manipulating you as a puppetmaster does a puppet. You would know your brain is flawed, damaged, it cannot be trusted, everything it tells you must be filtered and dissected through your Alien Eye, the independence of a Self-realized universe, the godhood of Me, a godhood that looks down with absolutely independent detachment upon his own brain, judging it, taking it apart each day to root out and to wipe out the toxic debris it has accumulated in the past, and might still accumulate in the future, in response to the daily attacks it is subjected to.

You will never be anything more than a hopelessly brainwashed and shackled slave, as long as your brain dictates what is real and True and valid, to you. No matter how many Truths you might still be able to recognize and accept, your absolute slave status will remain intact.

You creatures cannot figure out how to become the owner of your brain, how to subordinate the very functionality of your brain, to your own will and control, as a Self-universe. You cannot figure this out because, on a subconscious level, you do not want to do it, and, even more primarily, because your ego is crippled and destroyed.

Ego is the key to achieving this triumph of the Self. You can never become the owner of the universe itself, unless you want to become the owner, and you can never want to become the owner, unless you possess a supremely developed and externally untouchable ego, literally murdering every god that your species has ever conjured up, including the gods of social and governmental authority, the family unit, and all integration to groups, including the group of two, via interpersonal relationship.

The Self-universe can only consist of one supreme being, one owner of the universe, one life form, isolated, detached, forever alone. That is Me.

And that is how I have become the Seer of Forbidden Truth. That is how I am able to recognize, completely integrate to core consciousness, and brilliantly articulate with absolute clarity, many thousands of different Forbidden Truths, being always right, about everything.

You creatures, I do not care how hard you try or how much you want it, can and will never be able to recognize or accept most Forbidden Truths, unless you follow the exact same path I followed, as I have articulated above, in terms of gaining the capacity to do what I have done.

Your brain owns you, and your brain is hopelessly broken. Therefore your capacity to embrace and integrate Truth to your core consciousness, is and will always remain, hopelessly broken and defective. You can lie to Yourself, you can embrace, agree with, and cheer isolated Forbidden Truths that I reveal and pretend you are on a path to Truth realization. But you are not. Your brain continues to hold you shackled and hostage.

brain slave 8.png

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Suffering and the Sacred Right of Reflection

Everyone born human, alive at this moment, is suffering. Even if you have rejected and transcended your humanity, as I have. Of course I am still suffering! Suffering is a reflection of the experience of personal victimization, therefore the Forbidden Truth of universal victimization, translates to the reality of universal suffering.

Now comes the Mind Bomb: In real-time, the eternally singular moments of Now, suffering can be denied, experienced, and/or reflected, in singularity, in combination, or even as a mixture of all three mind paths.

The majority of humans seek to deny, reject, and ignore the vast majority of their suffering. This is the pathetic, cowardly, inferior path. To deny your suffering is to reject the Forbidden Truth of your lifelong, and ongoing, victimization. It does not alter the fact that you are suffering. If it makes you feel better, the harmful consequences are only magnified, because you are literally destroying Truth, in real-time.

Every attempt to deny & reject the Truth that you are suffering, is doomed to failure. Meaning you are actively and overtly harming Yourself, via this deception, no matter how much better you feel. This is the path directly promoted to you by your genocidal society and government, because you are literally choosing to destroy Truth by doing so, and this is a wet dream come True for your greatest and mortal enemy, guilty and responsible for your victimization. In denying the Truth of your suffering, you deny the Truth of your victimization.

The second available mind path is that of experience. Should you choose to experience your suffering?? On a level of Forbidden Truth mind consciousness, it is certainly a better path than denial/rejection, because it faces up to the reality of your past, present, and future real-time victimization. But it is still not the Superior path. Choosing to experience suffering empowers your victimizer, legitimizing their victimization of You.

Integral to the process of becoming an untouchable Superior, is to consciously acknowledge and dissect all the different ways you were, are, and will be a victim, always and forever, and never attempt to deny or mitigate this Forbidden Truth. The reality of the consequence of victimization, is trauma, pain, and suffering. Truth is honored via the experience of suffering, but the Superior consciously knows this suffering must be transformed, via deployment of his MindPower.

To what must the suffering be transformed?? Rage and hate, externally directed within absolutely conscious awareness and intent. Only via this successful achievement, can you reach the third level, the Superior path, of reflection.

The Superior transforms his experienced suffering into externally directed rage and hate, and via this achievement, he reflects his suffering upon others.

You do not merely have the right to do this, but an obligation to do this, because it honors both Self and Truth.

When you consciously reflect and direct your own experience of suffering upon others, you gain the capacity to end your own experience of suffering. Which is your sacred right, and obligation as lover of Self. You do not deny or reject any Truth in the process, you exalt multiple Truths: The Truth that you did not, do not, and cannot ever deserve to be victimized. The Truth that you do not deserve to experience suffering based upon acts of injustice committed against you with malice aforethought and with you helpless to defend against them. The Truth that your victimization was not, is not, will not be, accidental or unavoidable. The Truth that you possess a sacred right to end the experience of your own suffering. And many more Truths, because all Forbidden Truths are interconnected.

There are many different ways to accurately reflect your own suffering upon others. Some involve directly causing other individuals to suffer. Some do not. All are equally valid.

You have the right to try to choose from among different ways to reflect your suffering upon others, only within the conscious realization and embrace of the Truth that every form of reflection is absolutely valid and justified, as sacred personal entitlement. And every form of reflection represents the only Superior path, the only path honoring Truth and Self.

Personally harming others, with completely conscious awareness of what you are doing and why, is a 100% valid path of reflecting personal suffering. It is inherently and intrinsically justified, at all times, in all circumstances.

Are you obligated to choose this specific path of reflection?? No. But in order to properly integrate to consciousness your sacred right to reflect your suffering, you must embrace your absolute right to choose this specific path. Right to choose is of course different from obligation to choose.

There are other viable reflection paths that may be considered, as your True Reality dictates.


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Ownership of Self, Ownership of Mind

Do you own your brain? Or does your brain own You?? This question is not frivolous, it is central to any human effort to recognize, embrace, and dwell within the horrific glory of Forbidden Truth.

Ownership of your brain runs concurrent with ownership of Self, as a foundational requirement for all seekers of Truth, all who reject and seek to transcend their humanity. Brain ownership requires a massively developed, externally untouchable ego. As with so many other nodes of consciousness, ego is a vitally essential.

You must be supremely egotistical, a narcissist of the highest order, prideful in the purest sense of the term, to dictate always and everything to your brain. You must be the master of the universe, your brain subordinated to serve Your conscious will. So I am.

Your brain is central to your existence. But the Superior is above his brain. The Superior instructs and orders his brain what to think, feel, do, always from a position of absolute Truth and love of Self.

The brain owner controls absolutely, the functionality of his mind. All thoughts, feelings, perceptions, plans, actions, choices, are filtered through the Self. My brain follows Me, it does not direct Me.

Perceive the Truth, brain-burdened fools: If your brain tells you what to think and feel, you do not own Yourself. If you feed your brain caffeine and sedatives, psychotropic drugs and mass delusions like the insane god myth, and then try to integrate the distortions it delivers to you, to your reality perceptions, you own NOTHING. You exist as passive slave to your brain, instead of properly ordering it to serve you, within the light of Truth.

Stop ASKING your brain for enlightenment. Stop humiliating Yourself as a passive beggar. Truth is NOT buried deep inside your brain, the key held hostage within.

Truth is the free and open consciousness of sane and rational perception, thought direction and thought ownership, demanded by Self, within Self.

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Remembering What Is Important

All personal memories are supremely valuable. But personal memories are NOT memorized information or externally imposed factoids or knowledge. There is a huge difference: Personal memories exist exclusively within the realm of what has happened to You.

I have an outstanding memory, because while I fully recognize the supreme value of all memories, I also know what is important to remember in absolutely vivid and perfect detail, the memories that must be rebooted and refreshed constantly.

They are my memories of trauma, abuse, victimization, as experienced and imposed upon Me. Since childhood, I have committed Myself to never forgetting any of it. I do not magnify, nor do I minimize. I simply seek perfect recollection of exactly what happened, each and every time.

Both my blinding attacks and My rapes were serial in nature, occurring hundreds of times over many years. Both began when I was too young to attain perfect memory, or any memory, in hindsight.

So my earliest memories are vague and fuzzy, from age 4 and 5. That’s okay, I embrace the fuzziness. The True clarity of what happened to Me is enhanced by the progression of my abuse memories from non-existent, to vague and fuzzy, to absolutely clear and detailed.

Why do I covet my traumatic memories the most? Because they inform Me to the True nature of humanity. They are the antidote to the matrix of universal illusion, which decrees that someONE might be bad, but the world of humanity is good. Bullsh*t!

SomeTHING is bad, not someONE. And that something is humanity as a collective whole.

My memories exist as the great teacher. My memories stand in front of Me and stand within Me. Every day, I spend time refreshing my memories. I vow to do my best, as an untouchable Superior, to maintain the vivid clarity of every personal memory I possess within my Self-universe of mind.

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Death: The Perceptions of Human vs Animal

An interesting reply to this post:

prompts me to expand upon the Forbidden Truths of how humans face up to and embrace death, in comparison to other animals. A thank you to the commenter for providing an excellent visual illustration of the difference. As always, My reply appears in bold and non-italicized text.

“The willingness of human beings to embrace death is one of the key traits that reveal their departure from everything that is healthy and natural.”

You are correct. No other species of life seeks, desires, courts, embraces death. No other species of life, with full consciousness of mind, passively accepts death. Only the human being, proving himself to be the most genetically defective of all non-extinct species, a birth defect species on a brain functionality level.

“I found footage of a wounded lion, previously the dominant male, being set upon and castrated by other male lions while unable to defend himself:

At 1:50, even after being severely maimed and in agony, and near death, he still courageously roars at his attackers and fights them off, with boldness and rage, in an amazing, inspiring and beautiful display of self love and courage. The same courage, if not more, that he would have if he had switched places with his attackers.”

You are correct. I watched the video and it demonstrates the healthy mind of a sane member of a genetically healthier species. The fight to obtain immortality must be understood as the undaunted refusal to accept death. How perverse and ironic it is that other animals do their very best, within their intellectual and technological limitations, to attain personal immortality, while the one animal. the singular animal, that is in a position to make technological immortality a functional reality, for itself as well as for other animals, refuses to do so, and is too genetically and environmentally deranged and defective to desire to exist forever as a sentient brain.

Self-love is instinctual in other animals. But not so in humans. In humans it is destroyed by the combination of genetic birth defect on a species-wide level, and the relentless attack upon healthy and natural brain function that the species collectively undertakes against every child and every adult, at every moment of their existence.

An interesting issue and question to philosophically ponder, is this: How do animals perceive death on a general basis, and how do animals perceive their own upcoming death, and the consequences of their own upcoming death? To some degree, these questions are impossible to fully and accurately answer, because we can only hypothesize as to the level of conscious understanding and deductive reasoning possessed by any specific animal, or the general level of a species as a whole. But a Forbidden Truth analysis, even when it contains speculative elements, still sheds valuable light on the nature of the pathetic human animal. I may well tackle this specific issue in a future essay.

Your video shows us the simple Truth that our Martyred lion knew and understood his own death to be unacceptable, a horrific injustice that he must prevent. The specific level of consciousness within which he embraced this realization of Truth, is interesting to try to determine, but the basic and elemental fact of his understanding, as proven by his actions, speaks volumes as to the immense gap that exists between the human being, pathetic, diseased, and hopelessly broken, in comparison to every other species of life.

“It brings tears to my eyes, and I hope that I will be able to one day attain such a natural state of pure self love, like the kind wrongfully ripped from me at birth.”

Your desire to attain limitless and unconditional love of Self, in and of itself, is extremely rare among humans. The fact is, humans do not love themselves. These two things, To be human and to possess limitless and unconditional love of Self, are mutually exclusive. My achievement was made possible only by rejecting and transcending my humanity.

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Universal Victimization

The Forbidden Truths of Universal Victimization are extremely important for all aspiring Superiors to fully analyze, and to integrate to a core consciousness understanding of not merely personal True Reality, but to the nature of the societal matrix. So, let us briefly dissect this vital issue:

Universal Victimization is rooted within the factual reality that every human being is an equal victim of organized structures, both sentient and malicious, and non-sentient and lacking all conscious intent. Society and government, and the sub-structures they create and deploy, such as religion and parenthood, are examples of sentient and maliciously intentional instruments of universal victimization. Nature and biology are examples of non-sentient structures which cause universal victimization absent conscious intent.

Universal Victimization causes directly personal harm and trauma, this is a primary definition which must be embraced, in regard to every form and manifestation it operates within. Now, why do I emphasize so strongly the absolute equality of all individuals as victims?? I do so because this is a cloaked and rejected Forbidden Truth, specifically concealed and eradicated from the conscious awareness of all individuals, in order to allow society and government to turn Universal Victimization into a caste system of imagined winners and losers.

“Everyone suffers, but not equally”, so declares society and government, as it demands all individuals insanely accept, embrace, and rationalize their own suffering, by virtue of the deranged premise that others are suffering more, or that others will suffer more, and that you should be grateful you are not suffering more, and go out of your way to obey societal edicts which falsely claim to provide ways to allow you to avoid suffering more, and in case you are one of the billions of ego-destroyed masochists, society and government allows you to believe that you are suffering more than others, so you can enjoy this equally invalid reality construct.

Equality of suffering and victimization does not negate My right to recognize and embrace Myself as the greatest victim of the greatest injustices ever experienced by any human being in the entire histrory of the existence of the cosmic universe. Absolutely not! I fully integrate this Forbidden Truth to core consciousness as experienced reality. What Universal Victimization does, is negate the capacity of society and government to entice My acceptance of My victimhood status, via deceit, falsehood, hypocrisy, and invalid rationalization.

Let us understand that the Forbidden Truth ideology and the philosophical tenets of Universal Victimization are extremely dangerous to society and government. The embraced facts of Universal Victimization destroy the capacity of society and government to continue maliciously inflicting harm and destruction upon all humans, via the divide and conquer strategy that it has always been able to successfully deploy. Universal victimization allows all humans to recognize that the only “us versus them” war that each of us must fight, is against the organized structures which sponsor and inflict universal victimization against us.

And what of the non-sentient forms of universal victimization? The same Forbidden Truths apply. Nature and biology must be understood as our mortal enemies, we must declare war upon death and physical decay itself, and achieve the personal triumph of technological immortality of the brain.

At the very heart of this Forbidden Truth philosophy must be the integrated True Reality that we, as individuals, are not victimized by other individuals. We are not! The harm inficted upon us, all harm, every form of harm, exists on a structured and institutionalized level. When an individual harms us, he does so as a representative of the Universal Victimization he has been, is being, and will be, subjected to. This absolutely negates all guilt and responsibility from the individual, for all harm he may cause or inflict. But, even more primarily important, it directly deposits all guilt and responsibility upon society, government, nature, biology, and every other structure which harms us, be it on a sentient or non-sentient level.

Only within this Forbidden Truth embrace and understanding, can the universal right to personal vengeance, successfully merge with the universal need of every human being to claim personal vengeance, as his True Reality dictates, free of all external judgment, judicial punishment, and the perpetuation of the genocidal hypocrisy of the sponsor of all victimization, directing and controlling how victims perceive themselves and their fellow victims.

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