A Forbidden Truth Lesson of christmas

Tonight hundreds of millions of children wait for an imaginary creature to bring them things they have been brainwashed to desire. Hundreds of millions of adults are active conspirators in the deception. They wait too, for hugs and kisses, so they can pretend they are loved, just as they pretended to be loved, when they were children.

Everyone is waiting for something better, a future magical moment to redeem the past. Waiting in darkness, old victims of deceit, waiting together with new victims of deceit, for someone who does not exist, to continue the storyline, to make new memories out of a lie, to immortalize deception, falsehood, artificiality.

The tree will go into the garbage in a few weeks. But the memories will remain.

The child SEEMED happy, the child ACTED happy. I BELIEVED the child was happy. And so I will continue to pretend that I was happy, that I am happy. I will pretend that my life is more real than santa’s life. But it is not. <The Lesson of christmas.


All Text is Copyright © 2014-2064 The Seer of Forbidden Truth. All Rights Reserved.

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