Umpqua Community College?? WTH is an umpqua?

Okay, the big news is that a tortured victim of human society just massacred at least 13 people inside of the campus of Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon. But still, the question must be asked: Umpqua??! What the hell is an Umpqua, and why would a college name itself Umpqua???

Inquiring minds want to know! So….I checked Google and learned that Umpqua is a “native american” word, meaning of course it was created by the indians who inhabited the continent before they were massacred in the holocaust that the founders of amerikkka initiated.‘umpqua’-mean

The most accepted definition of ‘umpqua’ is “thunder water”, or the noise water makes when it rushes through canyons and gorges and over rocks. Other theories are the name for “river”, or “bring across the river”, “water”, or “dancing water”.

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