The Forbidden Truth Lessons and Revelations of 9/11

The events of 9/11/2001 inside of amerikkka, the most diseased and dysfunctional society on planet earth in the 21st century, provide valuable insights to the True nature of the human condition, and the devolutionary status of humanity as a whole.

Each and every day provides the opportunity for revolutionary reform, and yet it is worth noting that specific days on which unexpected and extraordinary events occur, and how humanity reacts and responds to these specific days in the weeks, months, and years that follow, shed a piercing light upon humanity, allowing the Superior to determine with certainty, whether a species is progressing, or regressing, evolving or devolving. 9/112001 qualifies as such a day.

I am very busy, so let us briefly dissect a few of the Forbidden Truth lessons and takeaways that the events of 9/11 should have inspired. Let us begin with the perverse concept of government. 9/11 could not have occurred without the existence of government. Government is what caused 9/11 to occur, and a sane species would have risen up as one to compel an end to government, a new dawn of anarchistic freedom, in the wake of 9/11. Instead, the exact opposite occurred, government became stronger, more valued and desired by you pathetic humans.

9/11 could not and would not have occurred without religion. A sane species would have risen up as one in open rebellion against the perverse, barbaric, and prehistoric fable of the insane god myth, in direct response to the events of 9/11. All organized religions would be directly blamed, belief in god would be recognized as mental illnesses, and a worldwide movement to end human dependency upon this toxic fable would grow and prosper, marginalizing all religious practice. belief, and worship, to the realm of sideshow freaks and mentally deranged cowards. Of course the exact opposite is what has occurred, religion has propered and gained favor all across the world over the past 14 years.

9/11 could not and would not have occurred were it not for the human practice of the insane war ritual. A sane species would haave demanded an end to the war ritual, in direct response to the events of 9/11, recognizing war as a con game practiced by governments and aspiring governments, undertaken for the purpose of terrorizing the allegiance of citizen-slaves, and that all wars are undertaken as cloaked attacks by a government against its own citizen-slaves. 9/11 would be recognized as proof that it is impossible to win a war undertaken by a nation-state against another nation-state or aspiring nation-state. Every claimed victory is nothing more than a guarantee of future defeat, and therefore no sane human would allow any foreign war to be fought, or agree to participate in such a ritual. Of course the exact opposite has occurred, as foreign wars reach new heights of popularity.

A sane species, upon witnessing the real-time deaths of species members via mass media, would have been inspired by the events of 9/11 to demand the immediate marshalling of all scientific resources and technologies to achieve technological immortality for human brains, so that the horrific injustice of retroactive unbirth would end. Death would be recognized as unacceptable, and that the only rational way to honor the victims of 9/11 would be to put an end to this horror. This would have been the legacy of 9/11, the seminal event which finally galvanized humanity to put an end to death. But of course nothing like this has occurred, death remains embraced, worshipped, demanded by humanity.

I could go on with additional examples of what 9/11 should have taught humanity, but there really is no need. Because the fact is, nothing was learned by humanity, nothing at all. Every Forbidden Truth exposed on this day 14 years ago, remains buried even deeper in darkness today, than it was on 9/10/11.

So, what is the Forbidden Truth lesson and revelation of 9/11?? That humanity is a doomed species, in the final end throes of a devolutionary death spiral, on a collision course with species extinction. The species failed to extract any Truth from the events of 9/11, failed to make any Truth realizations, and in fact it has accelerated its fatally flawed course, proving itself to be devolving.

I am closing this essay with my favorite YouTube 9/11 clip. This is the second essay in which I am posting this same clip, but I cannot resist. It is so delightfully illustrative of the hopelessness of the human. Just listen to this human idiot, protesting that now is just not the right time to die. Invoking god and family as he begs for help, etc… Here you have the perfectly inferior specimen of humanity, and to witness his final moments, right up to the climactic ending, is far better than any fictional horror movie.

Let us all understand the complicit guilt that all humans who choose to live as members of society bear, for the horrific fates they doom themselves to.

All Text is Copyright © 2014-2064 The Seer of Forbidden Truth. All Rights Reserved.


  1. Interestingly, humans are no where close to understanding the forbidden truths. I had another “dead end” conversation with an inferior in which he stated that ” god allows humans free will and cannot stop them from doing bad things”. I thought…if god is all powerful as inferiors believe he or it is, why can’t he over-power them and prevent them from doing silly things? The guy really didn’t have a rational answer and said that’s how it is. I asked him why god allows children to suffer because of the sins of their parents? He, again, didn’t offer a rational response. However, he did say that jesus died on the cross and why we should be spared. How silly humans are to believe in this nonsense knowing that it doesn’t make sense at all.


  2. If the uploader of that YouTube video were sane and rational, they would have titled the video simply “9/11 CALL WITH FATAL END”, instead of arbitrarily labelling it “HORRIBLE”.

    By labelling it “HORRIBLE” the uploader is attempting to elevate their own individual, arbitrary (and also flawed and inferior) emotional reaction to the status of the “correct” reaction, as if to say it is objectively “horrible” and that this status quo emotion is the “right way to feel about it”, the way that you “should” feel about it if you are a “good person”.

    As Eric Harris so aptly summarized, the only things that are true are science and mathematics. All value and moral judgements are relative to each individual, and have no basis in objective, physical reality.


    1. “If the uploader of that YouTube video were sane and rational, they would have titled the video simply “9/11 CALL WITH FATAL END”, instead of arbitrarily labelling it “HORRIBLE”.”

      Correct. Humans love to editorialize biased, invalid, and hypocritical projections of morality and justice, to cloak and deny the Forbidden Truth factual realities behind endpoint expressions of personal True Reality, which would be an accurate way to describe the 9/11 event. A great many horrible injustices and perversions and betrayals of Truth, directly led to causing the 9/11 event to occur.

      The Superior thinker recognizes universal child abuse, the toxic imposition of religion upon the vulnerable minds of all children, the perverse construct of the nation-state, the social ritual of war as practiced by nation-states, the propagandized classism by which leaders of nation-states obtain the allegiance of citizen-slaves by demonizing other leaders and other nation-states, as just a few of the genuinely horrific human structures in place and propped up by humanity as a whole, which led to the 9/11 event occurring.

      For an individual human to label the 9/11 event as “horrible”, is akin to a human grabbing a shovel, digging an eight foot hole in the ground, placing a small child inside of the hole, using a shovel to refill the hole with dirt, and then decreeing the suffocation death of the child inside the hole, as being “horrible”. It is the moral judgment of an individual, denying the horrific immorality of the society and the species guilty of directly causing the event to occur.

      “By labelling it “HORRIBLE” the uploader is attempting to elevate their own individual, arbitrary (and also flawed and inferior) emotional reaction to the status of the “correct” reaction, as if to say it is objectively “horrible” and that this status quo emotion is the “right way to feel about it”, the way that you “should” feel about it if you are a “good person”.”

      Correct. It is the very height, no pun intended, of invalid moral hypocrisy. Why is it horrible that a man who wants to die, who is preparing to die, who chooses to spend his imaginary existence passively waiting for death, and looking forward to death, is about to die?? What is horrible is the backstory, the Forbidden Truth reasons why Kevin worshipped death, and why 19 human beings believed a god creature will reward them after they die, for committing Self-murder, and why thousands of human beings felt compelled to spend their day of 9/11/2001 carrying out slave labor tasks inside vertical towers built by men in a vain attempt to immortalize themselves via the utterly useless social construct of fame, in exchange for the terror bribe of worthless pieces of paper given an arbitrary value by their slavemasters. Just like the near-term extinction of humanity, a far more accurate adjective to describe the events of 9//1 than “horrible”, would be “inevitable”.

      “As Eric Harris so aptly summarized, the only things that are true are science and mathematics. All value and moral judgements are relative to each individual, and have no basis in objective, physical reality.”

      Once again, you and Martyr Eric are correct. Morality is one of the greatest of propaganda prejudices invented by human society and government to cloak and deny the limitless and universal harm, victimization, suffering, and death that these structures, and the humans who serve at every level within these structures, from supreme leader to lower class wage slave who identifies as a citizen, are guilty and responsible for sponsoring, legitimizing, and causing.


  3. The best thing about that video, is that literally the final words he uttered in his one and only precious life, were “Oh god!”. He “died” only nominally. A person like that can hardly be said to have lived at all, and only passes through life with zombie-eyed, mindless, Pavlovian conformity.

    One can only hope that the dying man’s first words as a child were “mommy” or “daddy”, to make the laughable, pathetic irony full circle 🙂


    1. Humans who believe in the existence of god, or who embrace any religion as valid, are worshippers of death. They are already dead because they have already agreed to die, and genuinely look forward to their own deaths. I love this video for several reasons, and one of them is because, by his own words, Kevin proves this Forbidden Truth.

      Listen to his words as he faces imminent death. Everything he says indicates that he is a worshipper of death. He wants to die, he expects to die, he has no quarrel with dying. He just does not want to die at that specific moment in time, on September 11th 2001, on the 105th floor of 2 World Trade Center. His self-chosen savior is god, and that is one of the primary reasons he does not deserve to be saved by the firemen inside the building, trying to reach him.

      The firemen themselves are ready to die, eager to die, choosing to endanger their sacred existence for no sane reason, therefore knowing that dozens of them are about to meet eternal nothingness together with Kevin as the phone call ends, adds to the karmic justice of inferiors who have chosen to worship and embrace death, but refuse to consciously admit to this Forbidden Truth, reaping the fruits of their own deranged and perverse choice.

      And of course they all still qualify as victims, born into and created by a deranged, devolving, Truthless society of pure cowardice. They are victims, yet they are also their own executioners. We who honor Truth as actual and aspiring Superiors do not and will never deserve to suffer and to die, as do the inferiors who spend their imaginary existence trapped within the hive mind of universal illusion.

      The greatest irony, of course, is that religion and god directly caused the events of 9/11 to occur. These 19 airplane hijackers would not have chosen to murder themselves as they did, were they not firmly and absolutely devoted to and addicted by the insane god myth. By invoking god, Kevin Cosgrove openly embraces the exact same insane mythology which is about to directly cause his eternal, retroactive unbirth. He seeks aid from the same mythological creature which inspired his killers to kill him. This is delicious irony, a glaring illustration of the devolutionary hopelessness of humanity as a species in the 21st century.


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