obama to Make Statement on Church Massacre

Okay folks, obama is going to make a public statement in a few minutes, on last night’s Charleston South Carolina church massacre. So, I want to know, is anyone willing to bet me that he wil NOT close his statement with the words “god bless you”, or “god bless america”, or “Let us all pray together…”

Come on, anybody willing to bet Me? No? No! Because you will lose. Because amerikkka is a religiously fundamentalist dictatorship, and obama will use this church massacre to promote and legitimize religion. Turn on CNN, listen, and you will hear a fundamentalist religious leader of a government, using his office, his power as supreme leader, to promote religion.


Update! I just finished watching obama’s public statement on the Charleston church massacre, and of course, yes, I win, I was right, I am right. I am always right! He did not go the expected route, no “god bless” at the very end, but he overtly invoked the insane god myth, promoting religion, faith, churches, and christianity. He invoked the god creature directly, as a valid, appropriate, needed source of comfort for amerikkkan citizen-slaves. How perverse, how pathetic, the supreme leader of the most powerful government on earth in the 21st century, overtly propagandizing in favor of the embrace of the absurd mythology of god belief and worship!

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