Warning: G-Rated Pornography!

One of My favorite pastimes, when I am not busy masturbating, of course, is creating G-rated pornography. Hmm, G-rated pornography? Yes, exactly. According to the dictionary, a traditional definition of pornography is: “Written, printed or video material that contains sexually explicit images or content that some people find to be arousing.” The term that I reject very specifically, is “sexually explicit”. Society defines pornography as having to be sexually explicit, in order to demonize it to sexual prudes, and also to specifically steer the Unwashed Masses of citizen-slaves towards specific body part sexual obsessions, such as breasts and ass*s. In creating such a sexual censensus, it is much easier for leaders of society to direct and control the mind focus of the majority.

A much more valid, Truth-based definition of pornography would be: “Written, printed, or video material that an individual finds sexually arousing and stimulating.” There is no logical reason anything should be judged pornographic because it shows any specific body part, or any specific sexual act, because all pornography is in the eye of the beholder. If something does not sexually arouse Me, it is not pornographic to Me. If something does sexually arouse Me, it is pornographic to Me. This is how pornography must be understood and defined, in order to undermine the societal effort to control and manipulate our sexual orientations and focuses.

I am both a creator and a consumer, of G-rated pornography. The reason why, is because I find female foot pain to be the ultimate in sexual eroticism. In future blog posts I may go into detail as to the origins and nature of this rather rare fetish, but this is just intended as a brief and lighthearted introduction to the topic. So, I have a sexual fetish for female foot pain. This fetish involves no sexual organs, no nudity of any kind, beyond the female foot, and no type of sexual activity or contact. As such, it is a G-rated sexual fetish, and because My mind is very creative and drawn to vivid imagery, this G-rated fetish inspires Me to create G-rated pornography.

As far as personal creations, My G-rated pornography is in written form. The images and videos which inspire My pornographic writings, are created by others, and merely found by Me. Or personally viewed by Me via public situations. The wonderful thing about a G-rated sexual fetish like female foot pain, is that there are plenty of real-life, as well as photographic and video images available, in which the participants have absolutely no idea that they are getting, or could possibly get, anyone sexually excited by what they are doing.

An obvious example would be the woman hobbling home from work, her inflamed bunions throbbing, who winces in pain as she leans against a light pole and eases off a high heeled pump to relieve her distress. <By the way, there it is: G-Rated pornography! So anyway, there are great advantages to having a rare and G-rated sexual fetish such as this, because you can find the most erotic imagery imaginable, right out in public, with the “target” of your erotic obsession completely unaware that anyone who might be observing her, could possible be sexually aroused by what she is doing. Sweet! 🙂

I have written thousands of G-rated pornographic texts, to thousands of different photos, videos, and even stories, adding on to existing stories created by others with the same fetish. These texts range anywhere from 20 words to 10,000 words, and as such I reckon I am the premier female foot pain novelist in the world.

Just for fun, and those of you who might still be confused as to what a female foot pain fetish is, and what constitutes G-Rated pornography, I offer one of My thousands of images and texts:


Elke could think of nothing but the throbbing of her poor feet, as she stood, waiting for the train to arrive. What a horrible day! It had been years since she had worn high heels, she could still remember that day, six years ago, when she realized her feet had gotten so deformed that every high heeled shoe had turned into a torture chamber. She had thrown 16 pairs of high heeled shoes into the garbage that day, silently sobbing, but knowing that keeping them in her closet, they would only mock her, each day, whenever she saw them. Only one pair she had kept, because you never knew when an emergency situation requiring high heels might arise.

For six years they had sat inside her closet. Until today. Elke thought back to the morning, and her decision to wear them. Husband Mike had left 6 weeks ago, leaving only a note: “Good luck Elks, I just need a change…” And would you believe, the social security office said she did not qualify for disability. “You’re not crippled, you can walk. If you can walk, you can work”, those had been the exact words of the office supervisor, after reading the report of the podiatrist.

And so, money running out, Elke had to find a job. Dress to impress, that’s what the magazine had said. How could I have been so stupid, Elke mentally cursed herself. Hours of hobbling from one job interview to the other, her face a rigid mask of pain, trying to smile as she entered the human resource offices.

And now it was over. Shocks of pain pulsated through her feet. She could feel her heartbeat in her severe bunions, each beat a shock, like being stabbed. Elke blinked back tears. Every visible seat on the train platform taken. Maybe there was another bench at the other end of the platform, but she could not see. The thought of hobbling that far, only to be disappointed, was more than she could bear.

Self-consciousness took a backseat to unbearable pain, as Elke shifted her weight from one agonized foot to the other. Torture chambers, torturing me, was all Elke could think, as she bit her trembling lip and contemplated her plight. The right foot demanded relief, as Elke carefully scrunched her toes forward, allowing her heel to escape from the pump. As she expected, the moment of release was the most painful of all, and she could not suppress a deep groan, raising her naked, crippled foot and trying to hide it behind her other foot.

There you go, G-rated porn for the foot pain fetishist, created for and written by, Me.

© Copyright 2014-2064 The Seer of Forbidden Truth. All Rights Reserved.


  1. Hi, I´m a big fan of severe bunions with up to 90 degree angled big toes, hammertoes, corns and calluses. I wonder why nowhere in the net is a Lady – a callgirl or an escort Service – that offers the Service of bunioned feet. I´m sure there are tons of callgirls out there who have severe bunions. Anyone knows a Connection to such a Lady?


    1. Society has decreed that bunions are not beautiful, and humans, most especially females, perceive themselves as slaves to an externally imposed beauty standard. An astute businesswoman with severe foot deformities could travel the country, or even the globe, soliciting the favor of female foot pain and deformity fetishists. But I have no such direct connection to provide.


  2. Hi I’m Eva 26 glad to know some ppl like bunions due to the fact of having them so long I can’t help to crack it numerous times out the day and when I do ppl always look at me like its disgusting it so I try to do this only at home but I have to crack it even though it hurts so bad when I do that I can feel all the way up my calf and the pain shuts me down for a second but at the same time gives me relief of breaking mobility hold it has on my feet the right foot is the worst smh. I let this guy smash my bunions from the side with a plastic Pepsi bottle once BC I was in so much pain and I ended up in even more if a frenzy. That was the only personal encounter I had with a guy and my feet so I always thought about i besides that I went to this place called foot heaven in the city I paid for a half an hour session to get my foot massages only to be limping out of there in 10.


    1. Thanks for sharing your painful bunion situation. Yes, there are bunion fetishists who find this physical feature the height of erotic appeal. Some are also specifically excited by bunion pain, while others are primarily enticed by the physical appearance of the bunioned foot, in and of itself. My personal fetish encompasses both spectrums, and includes the concept of female masochism, where a gal is herself sexually excited by her own foot pain, and/or by the appearance of her bunioned or otherwise deformed feet.

      You should display your bunions with pride of personal ownership, and understand that all sexual attraction and orientation is equally valid. Your bunions are just as beautiful as you are capable of recognizing them to be.

      If you are inclined to altruism, I would suggest you openly express your foot pain to others, as there are many fetishists who gain personal catharsis upon witnessing the experience of pain by others. Do not be afraid to ease your agonized foot out of its shoe, as you pronounce with sincerity how much your bunion is killing you. To those who might hear you, even if they never openly admit it, your admission may touch them on a deeply emotional level, and provide them with many years of sexual pleasure, as has been the case with Me, regarding the personal experiences and encounters with female foot pain that I have enjoyed over the years.


  3. Hello, I found this consuming and curating for my own collection and I love your work! The writing is amazing and it is indeed a rare fetish and small community. I would love to read more!


    1. Thanks for the appreciation. Be patient, wait for my email, and we may be able to share resources. Meantime, here is another photo from my 6000+ archived photo collection, that may appeal to you. This is a young gal in her 20’s afflicted by severe rheumatoid arthritis:


    1. I will email you soon. I am very busy with many different things, so be patient. But I am very open to sharing of resources regarding female foot pain or deformity, and will provide more information in my upcoming, near-term email. 🙂


    1. You’re welcome, always nice to come across a female foot pain aficionado. I am familiar with your website and found some wonderful images and stories there. Within this blog, I intend to share foot pain images and stories very selectively and on a limited basis, as I have many other topics of consuming personal interest.


  4. The mind could be very creative if it wasn’t for the indoctrination and conditioning at the hands of societies. It’s ridiculous that humans minds are controlled in which their creativity is limited and restricted in doing certain things


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