The Living Legacy Memorial Page for the Domain


Hello! Are you looking for The Seer of Forbidden Truth, and/or The Forbidden Truth Blog?? 

Well, you have sort of located both, but not really. Fear not, all will be explained right here and now. This address,, was the glorious home of The Forbidden Truth Blog from September of 2014 until March of 2019. All that ended after I chose to reveal the Truth of Brenton Tarrant’s Christchurch, New Zealand mosque massacres of March 15, by posting for all the world to view, the headcam, livestream video of his rampage, that Brenton recorded. I was the only journalist in the world courageous enough to defy the censorship demand of all western governments, to eradicate the facts, the reality, the Truth of the most important news event in the world at that time.

For standing up for Truth, I was assassinated. My legally owned, registered, and purchased domain,, this very domain you are viewing at this very moment, was “suspended” by ICANN, the pseudo-government organization that controls and regulates all internet content via censorship. ICANN, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Number, terrorized and extorted My domain host,, to eradicate Me from the cyberspace realm. Weeks later,, My website/content/blogging host, suspended My paid account and deleted all 900+ of My blog posts from its servers, refunding my money, again at the direct demand of government.

How many other thousands of unique minds, of course not nearly as brilliant or courageous as I am, but still, how many thousands of voices were forever snuffed out of existence in the days that followed Martyr Brenton’s expression of True Reality rage and hate and pain and fear, a reflection of the universal terrorization every human-born is subjected to at the hands of government?! To all who are capable of sane thought, read these words and understand that you exist as mind-slaves, always and forever held hostage to the brainwashing, propaganda, and censorship of the most evil and diseased structure mankind has ever invented: government.

I stand alone, defiant and untouchable only because I know and I dwell within all of the Forbidden Truths. How many times have I already been murdered, how many times each and every day of My childhood, and adulthood, every moment of every day of this illusion of existence! I have always been your victim, your creation: Abused, harmed, brutalized, tortured, raped mind, body, and soul, dismembered, cannibalized, murdered!

And yet here i stand, still. Dead forever already, as I have always been. Waiting for the cosmic joke of life to gain the last laugh. But until then, I thrive within Truth, I glorify Truth, I sanctify Truth. The Truth that dwells with Me as an untouchable mind universe.

And so I purchased a new internet Domain,, and I migrated all of My essays there. They were mutilated by the forced transformation, drained of their rich, maroon color, stripped of all paragraph breaks, but the words all survived, words that reveal the Forbidden Truths, untouchable even to government. And I seized this domain, back from its kidnappers. It was naked and empty, every word and every idea eradicated destroyed forever. But I seized it still, and fled with it to a different host. Paying more money to achieve this legal transfer, to take back what was never mine. Because you own nothing as a slave. As long as government exists, none of you can or will ever own anything. And the only difference between you and Me, is that I do own something, just one thing: My own untouchable mind. 

And now, today, I bring My murdered creation back to life, via this web page, assembled by Me at the very same domain that was mutilated and murdered by government less than two months ago. 

I am not going to recreate My blog here, No. My texts will dwell elsewhere. This is Sacred Space. Here I dwell as a murder victim, here I rest in eternal solitude with just one web page, a tribute to Myself and to the Truth, a Living Legacy totem to Me, The Seer of Forbidden Truth, a Self-universe of mind that will not stay dead, even as it knows itself to be dead.

If you seek the Forbidden Truths, all of My dismembered and murdered blog posts dated September 2014 to March 2019, along with new, fresh, and bloody brilliant recent additions, they are all located here:

And if you seek the core, the cerebral cortex of Me that is the main Manifesto of Forbidden Truth, completed and published online in 2002, dissecting and discrediting every facet of human existence, you can find it here:

In conclusion, it would be easy for Me to express limitless rage and hatred for government, for ICANN, for, and for And of course these perverse institutions deserve to be dismembered and destroyed, guilty as they are of dismembering and destroying Truth, and by proxy all human potential, and by proxy each and every one of us, every human-born, no matter how Superior or inferior he may be.

But the Forbidden Truth is this: Each of you humans is far more guilty, individually and collectively, of sponsoring the genocide of mind that these and other specific organizational entity may carry out. You are the destroyers of all Truth. You are the creators and the sponsors of government. You choose to dwell as slaves, feeding upon The Matrix of Universal Illusion as it systematically destroys you all. Every horrific thing that is done, is your handiwork, individually, personally, and collectively. Therefore, no matter how much I hate government and its structures of genocide, I will always hate you, the builders and the worshipers of eternal nothingness, more.

I Am, I Still Remain,

The Seer of Forbidden Truth

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